A musical scholar is challenged to find and explore an area different from his colleagues. What discovers, in exchange, is the significance of the ubiquitous church bells that ring from their stone towers all day long and part of the night. Bells that celebrate the time of day, the season, religious services, and occasions; bells that, with their individual tones, rhythms, and colors, musically mark off and enhance the times, the days, and the seasons of Maltese life. And then, as it turns out, their passing as well.

Otto Henry’s memoir vividly captures the wonder and majesty of the huge, bronze Ringing Bells in Malta and the individuals that volunteer to ring them.



Meet the Author

Meet the Author

Otto Henry

I was born on May 8, 1933, in Reno, Nevada, just after the Great Depression started. My parents lost everything but managed to settle near Ashville, North Carolina in a small mill town called Swannanoa.

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